Saturday, March 16, 2013

Front Loader Toy

Toy front loader today. From the Siku brand. It looked terrible when I was doing the construction of the bottom one, but suddenly I connected the dots and the front loader appeared!
I have decided to do more basic exercises from now on. Since this blog is about the process of learning, I will also post them beside my regular daily sketch. Here is the first one. Drawing boxes in perspective. but with a perspective I encounter a lot when I draw large vehicles/trains. I have a lot of trouble drawing the "hidden" side of the boxes (needed for the construction).  Hope this will help.


  1. Wonderful frontloader sketch, louisC. It turned out great! I really like your freehand perspective drills. I will soon be posting a bunch of those myself, I hope. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks Dmitri. They are very boring to watch but I hope posting them will help me being a bit more disciplined :)

  3. Yeah, very boring indeed. It seems perspective studies is as close as most artists will ever get to doing anything related to math :)

    The practice is well worth the pain; it pays off when drawing environments.