Friday, February 22, 2013

Iranian Mace and Axe Heads

Cool stuff at the show depot of the Rietberg museum today!


  1. Oh, yeah, this reminds me: I wanted to get a haircut :) It is awesome how you keep going, my friend, never missing a day. You are an inspiration!

    Are you taking more CGMA classes next quarter?

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I found the spiked axes to have really interesting shapes. Beautiful objects.

    Yeah, I am actually surprised I am still keeping the streak intact, two months in. Let's see how longer I can do that. The most difficult thing is not drawing every day, it's posting stuff you know is not very good or interesting. But that's part of the exercise!

    I am thinking to re-taking analytical figure drawing next term. What about you?

  3. Yeah, man - great job. You maintained that inspiring posting every day schedule: that is excellent. I think one of the biggest benefits of the exercise is the least obvious. By posting what you created, whether you like the results or not, you learn to accept what you see and what you are capable of recreating. I think this regimen makes you get past the point of "my drawings are great / my drawings suck" mindset and makes you see them for what they are: the drawings that you did. At that point, you can learn to see your work more objectively. At least that's what I got from drawing and painting every day and presenting the results for other people to see (in class, or online).

    Yep, I am definitely taking the Analytical Figure Drawing class. Especially after this quarter of live studies. I know exactly what I'm lacking right now. A course in analytical figure drawing should help me get rid of most ambiguities in my human form drawings. At least that's my theory :)

    Look forward to being in the same class again with you next quarter then :)

    1. Thanks fot the comments! Very true! What also helps is the fact that it's not a portfolio blog. No client/boss is going to hire/fire me because of this.

      That's excellent you are taking AFD next term...looking forward to see you there so we can spam the forums!