Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bird gestures

Doing gestures of birds from the Voliere. Not very visually appealing but I think it's a good exercise. They move a lot.
I did this bird thumbnail from memory when I was back at my desk  later while waiting for a phone call. 


  1. I find birds the easiest animal to sketch. Very simple shapes that make up of the generel bird form. I really like some of your stuff Laurent. *thumbs up*

  2. Hi Jamal! Thanks stopping by. I agree with you, birds are fare easier to draw than any other animal. But on the other hand they move a lot! I remember you've done a very nice toucan. After my 567 attempts this year at toucan drawing, I can tell you've done a terrific job. I am sorry for the quality of the work shown here, which is very inconsistent. I am happy with some sketches, but others are train wreck ;) Any cgma class planned for this term? I plan to take Hampton class for the second time haha.

  3. "Fundamentals of Architecture Design" and perhaps "Fundamentals of Character Design" as well. I took DS2 two times and I haven considered taking it a third time. Hah