Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goliath Beetle

Still revisiting the stuff from London. When I have 5 minutes. This is me trying to remember how the Goliath Beetle looked like.


  1. 5 minutes and from memory. Impressive!

  2. Thanks Dmitri, I attempted 3/4 views but didnt work out. ;). I would love to see one of those live.

  3. i wish i could do mine from memory. nice job!

    1. Actually, goliath beetles are old friends ..

      In fact this part of the goal in 2014: create a visual library. I think it's more manageable than "get better at drawing"

      Here is a list of the thing I would like to know how to draw from memory,

      Hard surface

      Classic cars (1910, 1920, 1930)
      Steam locomotives (1900, 1940)
      Heavy machinery (tractor, bagger, excavator, truck)
      Planes (WW1, WW2)

      Soft surface
      Arthropods (beetle, grasshoper
      Marine biology (shark, ..)
      Mammals (...)
      Birds (...)


      Haha, I will never make it. Maybe I should restrict the list and have only one thing per week.