Friday, January 4, 2013

13th-15th Century Weapons

Went to the swiss national museum and sketched medieval weapons.  The room I sketched had a lot of "classical" swiss weapons, i.e halberds and crossbows. Fun stuff to draw but I am not too happy about the accuracy of the sketches, it seems I could not hit the the lines with enough confidence!

I used white pencil on some objects to increase the contrast. It doesnt look so bad, better than when I try to use gel pen.


  1. Good to see you are adding a lot of variety to your subject matter. That's the smart way of doing it.

    The helmets looks very - they are deceptively simple objects: easy to understand, but often very hard to draw correctly. A lot like human faces :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, that was exactly my impression about the helmets...looks simple but are actually quite hard..the one I drew 3/4 were the simplest. Will definitely do more in my next visit!

    DS class definitely gave me the courage to attempt any subject. Basically I am willing to draw anything. But from life only, that's the only rule ;)

  3. Dynamic sketching class pushed everyone's skills to the next level, it seems. An amazing teaching method, for sure.

    Drawing from life is the best way to practice. That being said, Peter once mentioned that he draws a lot from reference, so I wouldn't be too concerned about acquiring the "wrong" skills. Mileage is mileage, right?

  4. I think both are effective but for me, drawing from reference is much more difficult. I have a lot of trouble to understand the shapes because I cannot see the object from different angles! And it becomes frustrating very quickly! ;)