Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Analytical Figure Drawing Day 23

Could only do one construction today. 23 to go. Problem are is definitely the clavicle. Have really trouble placing them. It alos looks I have completely forgotten how to do heads ;)


  1. Don't judge yourself too harshly. It'll get there. I'm still reviewing the lecture, trying to figure out what goes where. argh.

    Keep them coming, louisC

  2. Thanks Dmitri. Hell yeah, the material need serious study. But it's very interesting! By the way this must a pretty heavy semester for you with two very demanding classes plus a full time job! That's quite a feat.

  3. The classes are demanding, but my job is, thankfully, part-time while I'm studying. I gave myself a few years to learn all this art stuff, since I've been neither here nor there most of my life. A designer who can barely draw. Quite sad, if you ask me :)

    But the analytical drawing class alone is incredibly challenging - I'm moving with the speed of a turtle through my assignments. Oh well, nobody said it's supposed to be easy, right? :)