Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crawler Loader 3/4

3/4 for the Crawler Loader as planned. I used the notes and the reference pictures.

Overall I am not too unhappy there are mistakes but the overall proportions are ok I think. With additional details, basic lighting, it could look good.
I also took notes on a huge excavator, a Volvo EC700Blc but I haven't finished it yet. Will do the rest tomorrow if they dont move it.


  1. Looks amazing, louisC! It might pop even more if you indicate the focal point (a bit of texture indication or even some line variance).

  2. Incredible detail, very professional looking rendering I think.

  3. Thanks guys! I am glad you like it.
    Dmitri, you are right, usually I dont think about focal points because my sketches are usually smaller! Will try it next time.
    Steve, these old style heavy equipment are a lot of fun and their boxy shape are easier to draw for me (as opposed as modern planes for example ;) .