Saturday, May 17, 2014

Animal Drawing Week 2

Here is the stuff I submitted for the second week of the animal drawing class. We had to do at least twenty "skeletal gestures" and submit the best five


"I went to different locations.
Monday at the circus zoo, lot of horses. Didn't draw much but I observed a lot. Tuesday wen to a local farm for the cows, struggled to draw some gestures, took pictures and drew some of them back at home(first image). Wednesday, went to the zoological museum, drew some skeletons. Thursday, drew some gestures from animal toys. And finally friday, went again to the zoological museum to draw ungulates. Here are my 5 favourites, except for the cow, they were all done from life.
I had a lot of trouble with the proportions (neck) and the gestures are way too stiff but I am happy with the homework, it was fun and I learned a lot. I have the impression I have a better understanding of the animal structure (before that, I had the barrel with sticks model in mind haha) and it will (hopefully) help me when drawing moving animals or from imagination."


  1. I heard about your blog here - Before you started the Dynamic Skething course did you already had previous experience? I mean were you already good with a pen/pencil?

    I've been having tremendous trouble to do even the initial basic line exercises (draw 8 lines of each, ellipses, etc). How much time did you spend on those?

    Anyway keep up the nice progress! Very nice drawings all around :)

  2. Hi Alfred, welcome! Before dynamic sketching I had almost zero drawing experience, here is an example of I was doing . Regarding the basic exercices, that's something I still do on a daily basis, at least one page per page. I like doing it, it's really relaxing, almost like calligraphy and really made a huge difference on the quality of my drawings. But it didn't happen overnight I was very bad at it at the beginning (especially the ellipses and vertical lines) and with practice it improved slowly but steadily. But still a lot of work to do! Good luck with the class!

  3. louisC, your structure and proportions are excellent!

  4. Thank you Dmitri! Very very stiff tough haha ;)