Saturday, May 24, 2014

Animal Drawing Week 3

Homework was about prey animal basic shapes construction. I used the cows grazing in front of my place.  Not very happy about the result but I have made progress understanding the volumes. The rear end is still a mystery tough.
Here is the page I submitted (5 least horrible).


  1. I realyy like how you manage to carry the gesture over into your construction. That is quite a feat. Often constructions become very stiff and formulaic. That's not the case with your drawings.

    Ar for rears, not much different than human derrieres (minus all the fat).

    Think very flat human butt with tiny short legs, almost always crouched, and super long feet with the heal starting just under the butt and the rest of the foot going down to the ground. It looks weird, but the skeletal structure is almost identical, due to almost identical function (i.e. supporting a very heavy pelvis 24/7)

    If you think about it, almost all mammals are actually squatting to conserve energy, just as we do when we don't need to go anywhere and when there's no chair or dry surface to sit on. The extra long feet trick us into thinking they are standing, but they are not.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for the insight. It will definitely help. Jonathan also gave very good pointers!